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Michelangelo Contini: Guitar and voice

Giordai Ua Laoghaire: E-guitar and effects

Eurico Ferreira Mathias: Cello
Big Daddy Muggelstone: Drum


The Salt Welcome, a Berlin-based band, brings together a diverse set of musicians and influences to create an impulsive and subtly rich sound. Michelangelo Contini (IT), spreads his understated and imagistic lyrics over a sparse fingerpicked guitar. Giordai Ua Laoghaire (IR) mixes in evocative jingly guitar melodies and textures, enriching the landscape where Eurico Mathias Ferreira (BR) lays down the law with emotive and affective cello lines. Newest edition to the ensemble, Big Daddy Mugglestone (US), provides the rhythmic fire over which all can churn and evolve, giving the music a deceptively simple feel. Countering solo lines explode through the delicately perched vocals, only to subside and give way to an odd reminiscence. While the compositions are born from the imagination of Contini, The Salt Welcome explores and exposes his world, leaving enough space for the listener to wander into the unfolding narrative.

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